Amazing Health Facts of Kitchen Onion

Are You searching for Amazing Health Facts of Kitchen Onion? Check out these awesome health facts of onion:

Onions are one of the staple foods that we Indians use in our diet since thousands of years ago. It also enhances the taste of our cuisine, but it has many medicinal properties too like it is very useful in treating fungal infections, asthma, sexual disorders, tooth ache, hair fall, joint pain etc.

Amazing Health Facts of Kitchen Onion:

Rich in anti-oxidants

Firstly, Our body needs anti- oxidants on daily basis in order to fight against diseases. One of the vital anti- oxidants is glutathione. The production of glutathione increases in our body when we consume onions. Glutathione can help to fight against diseases like cancers, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s.

May help in reducing cold

Onions can give you relief if you are prone to cold and sore throat.

May help in controlling sugar

Suffering with diabetes? Onions can help you with that. Onions contain allyl propyl disulphide (oil of onions). This oil acts in similar way as the insulin helps to balance the blood sugar level. Therefore, consuming onions on the daily basis can control your blood sugar level.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Studies done in various universities like Chinese university of Hong Kong has proven that consuming onions on daily basis can reduce the LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases later on.

Good for skin

Want a glowing and radiant skin? Applying onion juice along with apple cider vinegar can remove the black spot on the skin when applied on regular basis. Moreover, Both onion and apple cider vinegar helps to balance the ph. of the skin.

Detoxifies body

Harmful elements like mercury, lead, cadmium etc. are hazardous for our body, so it is very important to get rid of these elements with the help of detoxification.

Onions can help in detoxification of our body.

Reduces blood clots

In addition, Onions can reduce the serious medical conditions like blood clots, bronchitis and hay fever. Onion contains a chemical called Quentin flavoring which helps to cure the blood clots and other diseases mentioned above.