Astonishing Health Benefits of Guava

 Are you Looking for the Astonishing Health and Skin Benefits of Guava?

For healthy skin

Firstly, guava can help you to make your skin radiant and younger. Vitamin C promotes the formation of skin collagen cells, giving you the beautiful glowing skin.

 Boost immunity

Secondly, Vitamin C boosts immunity. It helps the body to fight against hazardous diseases like viral, fever, infections and other communicable diseases.

 Promotes weight loss

Moreover, With around only 60 calories/100g, guava can be an ideal choice to consider while chasing weight loss goals. Adding it to your fruit bowl can enhance the metabolic rate and enhance the weight loss process.

 Regulates blood sugar level

In Addition, Due to the high amount of fiber present in guava, it can be an ideal choice for diabetic patients. High fiber food doesn’t let the blood sugar level to spike and helps the body to regulate the blood sugar level in the body

Prevent constipation

Moreover, Afflicted with constipation? Guava is considered to be one of the fruits having a high amount of fiber, which promotes healthy bowel movement, preventing the problem of constipation.

 Gives relief in menstruation cycle

For Instance, Females have to face the painful symptom of menstruation cycles such as stomach cramps. Researches have shown that taking guava leaf juice in that condition can reduce the intensity of pain and give you much relief.


In Addition, Guavas are loaded with antioxidants, which reduce the production of free- radicals in the body. These free radicals, if not treated properly, can damage the DNA and leads to DNA mutations, which leads to a hazardous medical condition like cancer.

Reduces hypertension

Last but not least, Researches have shown that consuming guavas on a daily basis can reduce hypertension, as the antioxidants present in guava can help to open up the arteries which can help reduce hypertension.