Astonishing Health Benefits of Lentils

Hey Guys! Are you a veggie lover? Lentils are very common part of people’s cuisine. They are widely consumed as they impart a lot of health benefit to the body. These are special type of seeds that are highly beneficial for the body. Lentils are the product of a special type of plants called as Legumes. Legumes are nitrogen-fixing plants that have a special property of fixing nitrogen to its roots. These plants synthesis nitrogen present in the atmosphere and convert them into protein that humans consume. Legumes are a high source protein and are helpful in cell generation and cell renewal. These are present in many variations and colors like green lentils, yellow lentils, red lentils, brown lentils and black lentils which are called as Beluga. Colorful lentils are high source of proteins. Here are a few Astonishing Health Benefits of Lentils: