Health benefits of Brazil nuts| Astonishing facts about Brazil nuts

Nutrition table

A handful(28gm) of Brazil nuts contains roughly

Calories- 187

Protein- 4.1gm


Carbohydrates- 3.1gm

Fiber-  2.1gm

Selenium- 988% of DV

Copper-55% of DV

Magnesium- 33% of DV


Good for Heart

Heart disease is the number one reason we and most of our loved will die. It is up to each of us to make our own decision as to what to eat and how to live, but shouldn’t we try to make these choices consciously by educating ourselves about the predictable consequences of our actions?.

According to William C Robert’s, the editor in chief of the American journal of cardiology, the only critical risk factor for atherosclerosis is cholesterol, specifically elevated levels of LDL( low density lipoproteins) in bloodstream. This is why LDL is called bad cholesterol, as it’s the vehicle by which cholesterol deposits into the arteries. Autopsies of thousands of young accidents victims have shown that levels of cholesterol is closely related to the levels of atherosclerosis in their body. To drastically reduce the LDL levels in blood one has to limit their intake of trans fats, saturated fats and dietary cholesterol.

Research have shown that Increased intake of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids results in low levels of LDL cholesterol and increase the levels of HDL( high density lipoproteins) which is essential for healthy heart and brain. Brazil nuts are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids therefore adding them in your daily intake of food can help you to maintain a healthy heart.

Regulate blood pressure

According to the study “ the global burden of diseases” funded by bill and melinda gates foundation the number one risk factor for death in the world is hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to various diseases like heart attacks, heart failure,  kidney failure and strokes. Increased blood pressure puts a strain on the heart and can damage blood vessels in our eyes and kidneys, causes bleeding in brain and may even lead certain arteries to balloon and

rupture. The fact that hypertension can damage so many organ system and increases risk of heart failure, this is why it is termed as number one risk factor for death in world.

Brazil nuts are rich in potassium which helps to regulate the fluid balance in body and also helps to maintain normal blood pressure. It prevents from hypertension.

Good for brain

The two of the most serious brain diseases are stroke, which kills nearly 130000 Americans each year, and the Alzheimer’s disease, which kills nearly 85000 people in America each year. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most physically and emotionally burdensome diseases.Alzheimer’s involves a slower, more subtle decline over months or years. Instead of cholesterol filled plaques in arteries, plaques made of substance called amyloid develop in the brain tissue, associating loss of memory.

Whereas in case of strokes, blood flow to apart of the brain gets cut off, depriving it of oxygen and killing off the part fed by the clogged artery. That’s called an ischemic stroke. A small minority of strokes are hemorrhagic strokes, which are caused by bleeding into the brain when a blood vessel get burst. The damage wrought by a stroke depends on which area of the brain was deprived of oxygen. Sometimes the blood clot lasts only a moment- not long enough to notice but still long enough to kill off a tiny part of the brain. This is called silent stroke. Both stroke and Alzheimer’s disease are fatal in nature a cost one’s life.

But studies have shown that food rich in selenium can help to prevent these harmful diseases. Brazil nuts are rich source of selenium and should be a part of your daily intake of food in order to sustain a good mental health.


Anti inflammatory

Brazil nuts are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Brazil nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium. It is rich in antioxidants and protects against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Antioxidants rich diet appear to protect against various diseases by preventing the circulation of oxidized fats in the bloodstream that can damage the sensitive walls of small blood vessels in body. They can also help to decrease artery stiffness and lowers blood pressure and inflammation. Free radicals can disfigure proteins in our body to such extent that they become unrecognizable by our Immune system. The inflammatory response that this process triggers can be prevented by saturating our bodies with adequate amount of antioxidants. High antioxidants food like Brazil nuts is found to have beneficial effects on humans and may help to reduce inflammation.


Good for thyroid health

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium which is a vital mineral for our health as our body cannot make it on it’s own. In humans thyroid organ has the highest amount of selenium present in it and this mineral plays an important role in thyroid gland’s ability to make thyroid hormone. Selenium deficiency is associated with various diseases like

  • Hypothyroidism
    • Subclinical hypothyroidism
    • Autoimmune hashimoto’s thyroiditis
    • Enlarged thyroid
    • Thyroid cancer
    • Grace’s disease

    Also iodine, the basic building block of thyroid hormone requires selenium in order to get absorbed properly. Therefore Brazil nuts are crucial in case one has any thyroid related medical condition.

    May reduce certain cancers

    A review of 69 studies including over 3,50000 people have shown that having high selenium levels in blood is associated with low risk of certain types of cancers like breast ,colon, lung and prostate cancer. However all the benefits of high selenium diet is attributed to food based diet and not the supplements. Also selenium helps to neutralize the side effects of radiation therapy. Therefore adding them in your diet can help you to reduce the side effects of radiation therapy.


    Boosts immune system

    The immune system,  apart from the nervous system is the most complex organ system of our body. Immune system protects the body from foreign invaders like pathogens. It is composed of various organs like white blood cells and proteins called antibodies that forms alliance against trespassing pathogens threatening the body.

    The inflammatory properties andselenium present in brazil nuts boosts the immune system and protects the body from ill effects of pathogens. Brazil nuts contains high amount of zinc and vitamin E which boosts the immune system.